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I’m very much that person who washes dishes badly so that the family do them instead. I’m a great one for taking shortcuts with my daily life! I have the concentration span of a nat.

Due to this flaw in my personality I have come up with a process of stages.... it’s very costly and labour intensive! I paint my work in six layers. I wing a back ground just going with the flow. That is then resined. I then put a structure to it. That is then resined again. I then take my piece and turn it into the painting I desire and pour the details in, it’s what I call my salivating stage! I gel my layers and dress it as I call it! A bit like me piling my mascara on having done my make up!!! And oh how I pile my mascara on. The final piece is then resined. I have obviously chosen a pain stakingly long, time extensive route as each layer of resin takes 9 hours to dry.

It’s a hard career. You have to keep moving on, keep reinventing yourself, keep up with the ever expanding art market, new blood and endless competition on the block! ... but hey, this alone keeps me supercharged. Bring on the challenges of the art world IM no shrinking violet . I hope leave a trail of my daily life in colour as I storm on into my 15th year of being a commercial artist with my one time art agent John Pope if image design. He is my mentor and the reason I have prematurely aged and I am prone to drinking gallons of gin.

My thanks to my tolerant girls #lib #bethy who pave the way daily to allow me to be chaotic, dirty, mucky, sloshy and spilly. Thankyou so very much to my galleries and the enormous amount of love from my faithful collectors, followers and supporters.

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7 Swift Units, Greenhill Way, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 3SH

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01234 567891

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